Visit a Great Restaurant in Medford, OR

When you are on a business trip, or you are spending some personal time in Medford, OR, you may want to find a great restaurant where you can sit back, relax and enjoy some classic meals. And one of the best restaurants in the area just so happens to be located in the top hotel in the city – it is the Regency Grill that is located at the Regency Inn hotel. Whether you want some classical American cuisine, or you want something a little bit different, you can get it all at the Regency restaurant.

Not only is the restaurant great for when you want to go to dinner with your wife, or with a few friends, but it is also perfect for a business dinner. If you are taking out some clients to dinner after a long day of meetings, or you are having a work lunch to discuss some of the business you are doing with your client, you will want to take them to such a restaurant. It is not crazy expensive, but the prices are solid and you are really getting a very classy vibe from the entire establishment. Your clients will be really impressed you took them here.

The final reason why you have to try the restaurant is the most important one: the food. It is really the best food you are going to find in the city. Not only is this because of the expertise of the chef or the ambiance, but because of the ingredients they choose. They have a small-ish menu most times of the year, because they like to focus on a few things and do them really well – instead of having a ton of items, with none of them being particularly special. So check out the restaurant the next time you are in Medford.